วิทยาลัยอาชีวศึกษา ในญี่ปุ่น

วิทยาลัยอาชีวศึกษา ในญี่ปุ่น CBC

College of Business and Communication (CBC)

หลักสูตรที่เปิดสอน : Trade and AviationHotel Bridal and Tourism, English Communication, Global Media and Information Communication Technology, Business Japanese

Japan Electronics College (JEC)

Japan Electronics College (JEC)

หลักสูตร : Computer graphics, CG picture production, Game production, Game plan, Animation, Graphic design, AI system, Web design, Mobile phone application, Information business license, Information processing, Information system development, High information processing, Network security, High electrician, Electrician, Electric construction technology, Electronic applied engineering

Nihon Kogakuin College (NEEC)

Nihon Kogakuin College (NEEC)

หลักสูตร : Broadcast/Film, Voice Actor/Theater, Manga/Anime, Graphic Design, Web Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Game Creator, CG Creator, Concert Event, Music Artist, Recording Creator, Dance Performance, IT Specialist, Information Technology, Network Engineering, Business Information, Robotics and Mechanics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Vehicle Mechanics, Environment Biotechnology, Applied Biology, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture, Machinery Drafting, Technology Research


Toho Gakuen

หลักสูตร : Broadcasting Arts, Broadcasting Engineering, Event Lighting, TV Art Design, Broadcasting Acoustic Technology, Film Production, Promotion Movie, Animation and CG, Creative Writing, Movie and VFX, Acoustic Technology, Acoustic Media, Broadcasting Voice Actor, Variety Show, Acting Performance, Announcing, Dance and Performing Art

Tokyo Designer Gakuin College (TDG)2

Tokyo Designer Gakuin College (TDG)

หลักสูตร : Graphic Design, Visual Image Design, Illustration, Comic Illustration, Manga, Product Design, Interior Design, Architectural Design, Fashion & Make-up Design

Tokyo Institute of Tourism (TIT)

Tokyo Institute of Tourism (TIT)

หลักสูตร : Tourism Business, Hospitality Business, Travel, Hotels, Cafe Services, Bridal, Airline Services, Funeral Director

Tokyo Net Wave (TNW)hd

Tokyo Net Wave (TNW)

หลักสูตร: Game Journalist, Game Planner, Game Programmer, Game Graphic Designer, Game 3DCG Designer. Sound Designer, e-Sports, General Animation, Hybrid Animator, 3DCG Animation, 3DCG and VFX, Voice Actor, Voice Actor & Vocal

Tokyo School of Business (TSB)

Tokyo School of Business (TSB)

หลักสูตร : Business Management, Office Business, Sports Business, IT Business, Fashion Business, Flower Business, Pet Business

Tokyo Visual Arts (TVA)

Tokyo Visual Arts (TVA)

หลักสูตร : Photography, Broadcasting (TV Broadcasting Major), Broadcasting (Movie Major), Broadcasting (Videography Major), Special Effects Make-up, Mass & Visual Communication, General Music (Staff Major), General Music (Musician Major), Voice Actor/Actor, Dance

ECC College of Beauty & Style

ECC College of Beauty & Style

หลักสูตร : Beautician, Artist [Beauty Advisor, Manicurist, Esthetician,
Bridal Wedding, Special Makeup Artist]

ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages

หลักสูตร : International Business (International Business Major, Business & Management Major,
Japan Tourism Major, Japanese Business Major), Travel, Hotel, Airline, General English

ECC College of Computer & Multimedia

ECC College of Computer & Multimedia

หลักสูตร : Game Development Expert (Game Program Major/Game CG Major) , Game Program Development, CG Design (Game Character Major/3DCG Major), System Engineer, IT Development Expert, IT Development Research, IT Business Support (Japan IT Business Major), Web Design

Kyoto Creative Design College

Kyoto Institute of Design

หลักสูตร : Visual Design, Character Design, Comic Illustration, Interior Design, Fashion Creator, Handmade

Kansai College of Business & Language

หลักสูตร : Japanese-Chinese Interpreter, Japanese-Korean Interpreter, International Japan, International Trade, International Business, Specialize English Expert

Nihon Riko-Jyoho Institute

หลักสูตร : Electronics & IT, Electric Work & Energy Engineering, Architectural Design, Automobile Engineering

Yokohama Design College

หลักสูตร : Fashion Technical, Fashion Business, Graphic Design, Product Design, Manga, Comic Illustration and Picture Book

Osaka YMCA

หลักสูตร : International Hotel, International Business, English, Japanese Language, Sport and Welfare

Tsuji Culinary Institute/ Tsuji Institute of Patisserie

หลักสูตร : Cuisine, Patisserie, Culinary Arts and Management


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